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Be the next HyDriven

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to broaden your skills and knowledge? Are you up for the most exciting year of your student life?

Apply for a year in HyDriven!

There are still some spots left in team 2024-2025! Check out all different functions below and make sure to send your application to:

Management team

The Management team plays a pivotal role in overseeing all team-related aspects. Your main objective is to ensure the smooth operation of the team, maintaining an overview of all activities, and achieving set goals. This entails considering both the technical and social aspects of the team, fostering a positive team atmosphere. Additionally, you will be entrusted with making significant decisions when necessary. Collaboration with partners like the University of Twente and other stakeholders will be a key part of your responsibilities. Naturally, you will also be actively involved in recruiting new members for the team, as it is crucial for Green Team Twente to thrive and advance.


1 full-timer | position closed As a Team Manager, you are responsible for the entire project. By working closely with the Technical Manager, the Marketing Manager and the Finance & External Relations Manager, you make sure that the overall goals of the team are set and will be achieved. Therefore, you must have a clear overview of what happens, as team members will come to you if there are any problems. In addition to the team, you are the contact person for the race organization and important stakeholders of HyDriven. You will give presentations and speak to the press if needed. Besides that, you jump in where needed, you are the general supporter of the entire team!

Technical manager

1 full-timer | position closed As a Technical Manager, you are the right hand of the Team Manager, but more focused on the technical side of the project. You are responsible for the car and you ensure that the defined goals are achieved. Also, you will collaborate with the Finance & External relations manager to approach technical partners that can help with materials, parts or knowledge. Above all, you know all the technical problems before they are even discovered. You will take care of the overall integration within the technical team and you will make sure that the entire process runs smoothly.

Marketing manager

1 full-timer | position closed As Marketing Manager, you are responsible for all the media attention and branding of HyDriven. Besides that, you will be, together with the Team Manager, the contact person for the press. The team often gets requests to attend external events with the car, you will assess these and arrange things if needed. Within the team, you form the connection between the Management team and the Marketing team. You ensure optimal cooperation within the Marketing team and you make sure goals are set and achieved.

Extern & Finance

1 full-timer | position closed Finances and partners are two of the main pillars of the team. Without our partners, we could not exist. You are working to maintain existing relationships with sponsors and you are always looking for new contacts to expand our network. You will work closely together with the Technical Manager to keep up to date with what the team needs. To ensure that partners are satisfied with the cooperation it is important to be flexible and to find out why a company has confidence in HyDriven. The partners often support the team with money, of which you need to have the overview. You will create a budget and account and estimate the financial risks of decisions to be made. Therefore you will also be the one approving big purchases of the subteams to make sure they stay within their budget.

Technical extern

1 full-timer | position closed As a Technical Extern, you are responsible for delivering everything the technical team needs to reach their goals in terms of partners and facilitation. Working alongside the technical manager, who is responsible for overall technical planning, the technical extern focuses on engaging with companies and establishing partnerships essential for the teams production of the car.

Management team

Marketing & communication team

As a member of the marketing team at HyDriven, your role will involve promoting the team’s vision effectively. You’ll handle tasks like social media, event organization, graphic designs, press releases, and finding innovative ways to inform the public. Close collaboration and idea generation within the team will be encouraged. It will be a dynamic and engaging experience, covering a broad spectrum of responsibilities. This year, being part of the marketing team comes with an extra challenge; it includes the implementation of our rebranding from Green Team Twente to HyDriven!


1 full-timer | position closed As a Graphic Designer, you are responsible for the visual appearance of the team. HyDriven already has its own visual identity, but together with the Marketing team, you can develop this further. However, you are the person to make sure it is carried out which means that everything that is printed or sent to the public will fit within this visual identity. Furthermore, you will work on the visual appearance of the car (livery). This means you can decide what the car will look like! Lastly, you have a lot of creative freedom and are able to use new technologies. To apply for this function, having experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. is advised.

Public Relations Coordinator

2 full- or part-timers | position open You will be concerned with keeping the public up to date with the team and the current events around hydrogen. Updating the social media and website are part of this, but also writing a monthly newsletter and for example creating informative videos are part of this job. Within the Marketing team, you are free to come up with new ideas to inform the public.

Event Coordinator

1 full- or part-timer | position closed Your responsibility is to organize and manage events like the design presentation and car presentation of HyDriven. You’ll handle everything from program development to decorations and invitations. Your goal is to make each event a success and surprise partners and stakeholders every year. You have the freedom to organize other events within the budget and marketing strategy. Your role is crucial for making events happen seamlessly and leaving a lasting impact.

Photo- and Videographer

1 full- or part-timer | position closed Are you interested and passionate about taking pictures or videos? Then this is the perfect function for you! As an editor, you do not only create the content, but also edit all the pictures and videos that are made to give them a more professional appearance. Your images will be used by the graphic designer and public relations for promotion, social media, banners, etc.

Education coordinator

1 full- or part-timer | position open This is a unique function compared to other student teams. As education coordinator, you are responsible for raising awareness to a broader network. You are able to create new projects, such as; educational series, workshops, and other educational events. To inspire people on all levels and share our knowledge on a more sustainable future.

Marketing Team

The Technical team is responsible for the hands-on aspects of Green Team Twente. Your role involves building the car or other projects from start to finish. You’ll be involved in everything from the initial design phase to the final assembly. Throughout the year, you’ll work with partners, explore innovative solutions, and learn how to build a hydrogen car and more.

Effective communication is essential for smooth operations, so the Technical Manager and sub-team chiefs will have frequent discussions. There are different positions available based on your interests and ambitions. The functions of both our Hydroelectric and Mechanics Team are described below.


HydroElectric team

The HydroElectric subteam is responsible for all the power, safety and communication systems within the car. This starts at the fuel cell where electrical power is generated from hydrogen and oxygen with its own supporting electronics. Then, more electronics are needed as the current flow is regulated (with e.g. a DCDC) and the power is stored. The stored energy is used to drive the motor controller and motor, which this subteam is responsible for as well. Optionally a transmission can be included. This subteam will be researching the best options for all these parts, the mechanical and electrical ones as well as the ones for the hydrogen system.

Chief Hydroelectric

1 full-timer | position closed As you see, this is a rather multidisciplinary subteam, needing people from multiple backgrounds and interests. Knowledge about or interest in electric motors, hydrogen or (power) electronics is a big plus. To have a smooth workflow one chief is needed to keep the overview, help where is necesarry and makes sure all communication goes well.

Hydrogen system engineers

2 full-timers | position closed The hydrogen system consists of all the parts that are needed for the generation of electricity out of hydrogen and oxygen. This process starts at the hydrogen tank and ends at the fuel cell stack, with many parts in between. As a hydroelectric engineer responsible for the hydrogen system, you will work on the many different components and make them work coherently. You will do this by testing the system, and with that, you will find its flaws. Once the imperfections are known, you can start improving the design to efficiently deliver more power to the car so it can drive even faster than before.

Powertrain engineers

2 full-timers | position closed The Power Train consists of all the high-voltage parts that are needed for powering the car. This starts with the electricity coming out of the fuel cell and ends at the motors. In between, several parts are needed, such as a DC-DC and an energy buffer. As a hydroelectric engineer responsible for the powertrain, you will improve and optimize the components in the powertrain. Since the powertrain is crucial for acceleration, your focus will be on delivering as much power to the motors as possible while considering the system’s efficiency and size.

Cooling systems engineer

1 full-timer | position closed The liquid cooling system is perhaps the most crucial part of the car. Without it, the car’s components will inevitably break down. An important task is thus to prevent overheating of the components. As hydroelectric engineer responsible for the cooling system, you will be performing tests on the cooling system. By considering the heat each component dissipates and by closely monitoring the temperatures, flows, and pressures of the cooling liquid, you will find the flaws in the system and search for ways to improve its design.

Embedded systems engineers

4 full-timers | position closed As an Embedded System engineer you ensure the safety of the car, improve testing with good data acquisition and provide an optimal driver/car interface. Parts you could be working on are the steering wheel and cockpit, the communication bus inside the car, safety sensors and the wireless connection to the outside. You will be working in close cooperation with the other hydroelectric engineers to ensure a perfect integration of all components.General engineering experience from your own or university projects is required. Experience with programming embedded systems (microcontrollers), simple circuit and PCB design is advised but not a must.


Mechanics team

The Mechanics sub-team is responsible for all mechanical and aerodynamic components of the car. The main focus is on the handling of the car and the body. The sub-team can be subdivided into structural, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics. There is one chief engineer who is responsible for the overall car performance, car concept and integration of components.


1 full-timer | position closed The Chief Mechanics is responsible for the overall car performance, car concept and integration of components.

Structural Engineers

2 full-timers | position closed As a structural engineer you are responsible for the whole chassis, packaging and attachment points of all the technical components. This means you will design, calculate and simulate the mountings and whether the mountings will withstand the forces they are exposed to. You will improve the designs on weight, stability and reliability. In the end, you will produce the mountings and assemble them into the race car.

Vehicle dynamics engineers

2 full-timers | position closed Important aspects of the car are the way it handles and how it behaves on the road, these are the aspects for which you, as a vehicle dynamics engineer, are responsible for. This means that you need to look into the theory of vehicle dynamics and different types of suspension systems and setups. With the use of different types of simulations, FEM and motion analyses, you can find the best set-up for the car. For the coming year, you will improve the current suspension system to assure better performance and stability.

Drivetrain engineer

1 full-timer | position closed As a Drivetrain engineer you will be responsible for designing custom gearbox for the car. Custom gearboxes are required for going to 4 wheel drive, which is an important step to make the car go faster. Your goal is to transform as much power as possible from the motors to the wheels, while keeping the size and the weight to a minimum. You will work closely with Vehicle Dynamics and Powertrain.

Aerodynamic engineers

2 full-timers | position closed As an aerodynamics engineer you are responsible for the body and the aerodynamic features. You will design these by doing CFD simulations in order to create as much downforce as possible to allow the car to drive faster. This subteam allows you to adapt your knowledge about Fluid Dynamics into practice. Carbon is widely used for this application, so if you are interested in working with carbon this subteam is also a fit for you.

Technical Team

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