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''Prove the potential of hydrogen to accelerate the energy transition towards zero emission''

HyDriven aims to prove the potential of hydrogen to accelerate the energy transition towards zero emission. How? By building a hydrogen racecar and participating in Formula Student races. Doing so, we target a broader industry, other student teams and our partners. We want to push the boundaries of hydrogen. While our vision remains the same, we have different goals for these different target groups.

We want to make the automotive industry and other industries aware of the potential of hydrogen. However, we cannot do this alone, which is why we want to convince other student teams to switch to a hydrogen-powered vehicle and set up a hydrogen class within the Formula Student competition. To realize all this, we collaborate with our partners and we are always aiming to expand our network.


“Drive demand for low-emission hydrogen and attract investment to scale up production and lower costs of clean hydrogen technologies”

Formula Student teams

“Create a competitive hydrogen class within the Formula Student competition”


“Expand our network to gain more research facilities into hydrogen and spread our message”

Hydrogen can save our future and challenge is in our nature. 

We dream of being the first team to bring the first element to the first place. 

We do our best to build a better world for future generations.

Why? Because it’s what they deserve! ​

If we assume that someone else will take action, then no one will take action.  ​

That's why we work tirelessly to solve problems;

not just in the car, but for the world around us.

Because our work means so much more than a place on the grid. ​

Hydrogen can save our future.

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